AI Replenishment Pull Systems

AI Replenishment Pull Systems are used to correctly size Finished Goods in order to maximize customer service levels while also minimizing finished goods costs. The ultimate goal is to eliminate all Finished Goods inventories in concert with AI Accelerator WIP control and Generic Setup reduction. Using proprietary algorithms and neural networks, this software solution integrates all of the variability in customer demands with the real-time operating conditions of the factory supply such as variation in setup times, processing time, downtime, and capacity.  The software not only maximizes customer effectiveness, but highlights specific efficiency opportunities that can reduce inventory while still maintaining peak on-time performance.  This software can seamlessly integrate your current ERP/MRP system and simple metrics and reporting will flag appropriate personnel to any necessary actions to maintain optimal customer responsiveness. 

The AI Replenishment Pull System encompasses all Workstations in the factory where labor meets material as shown in Fig 6-11 below and consists of multiples of the AI Accelerator WIP control.


“Lean Sigma in the Age of Artificial Intelligence”,  Chapter 6

Figure 6-11 Summary of How AI Enables On-Time Delivery