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Harness the Power of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE … Achieve REAL RESULTS in weeks, not months

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 AIT will execute a focused, targeted analysis of an area of opportunity of your choosing.  The AIT approach is process-focused and data-driven and deploys cutting edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications built upon a verified foundation of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) which generally already exists … AI+LSS will turbocharge your business and produce real results very quickly.

In <12 weeks, analysis of current operating performance, methods and processes, measurements and data capture systems will reveal quantified value of near-term improvements and a clear course of action, timeline, and resource requirements. The results will be presented for eliminating the operational wastes and profit improvements that have remained hidden from past improvement efforts.

Tally Results in Weeks … Self-fund Your AI Future

Analyzing your data we will extract an accurate estimate of the total waste in your company due to setup time, scrap, rework, machine downtime, poor supplier performance, lost customer good-will due to late delivery, etc. These are the wastes that rob a company of 10-20% of revenue. AI can eliminate 75% of these hidden wastes, resulting in >95% on-time customer delivery and 15-20% more production capacity with no increase in manpower, or capital investment in equipment or inventory.

AI Technologies offers a wealth of experience derived from decades of successful client engagements.  Maximum results are achieved when AI is implemented upon a foundation of LSS and actively supported by leadership and a well-trained, change-ready workforce.  We offer you our AI+LSS approach, results delivery expertise, training and patented AI Accelerator software to yield breakthrough results for your business.

Launch your AI Technologies (AIT) Trial Today!

Attention will be given to determining current data accuracy, integrity and completeness necessary for implementation of AI.  Additionally, foundational LSS improvements necessary for AI implementation will be identified and quantified.  At the end of your AIT Trial, a clear forward looking course of action, timeline and resource requirements will be presented along with estimated business Profit, Revenue and ROI impact.