Lean Six Sigma (LSS)? We Wrote the Books!

Prior to 2002, Lean and Six Sigma were considered competitive (at times adversarial) improvement methodologies.  Mike George, a long devotee of Lean and the Toyota Production System (TPS), recognized that Six Sigma had much to offer as a complement to Lean’s focus on maximizing process velocity.  Specifically, it was Six Sigma’s focus on customers and requirement for active leadership engagement and training of the CEO first, including Jack Welch at GE, that really captured his imagination.

Mike George recognized that Six Sigma did not embrace Little’s Law of cycle time, nor did it offer the exceptional TPS tool set, including Setup and Batch size reduction, Pull Systems, etc. So, Mike artfully merged the strengths of both Lean and Six Sigma by authoring his book entitled “Lean Six Sigma” in 2002, and the George Group quickly became the preeminent, worldwide leader in process improvement consulting.

AI Technologies (AIT) is today’s next generation consulting leader … deploying cutting edge application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on a solid foundation of LSS to turbocharge Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics success, including challenging low volume, high mix production environments (e.g. depot maintenance, medical).

AIT has developed proven AI setup reduction tools and employs AI Neural Networks to eliminate the operational wastes hidden from traditional Lean Six Sigma efforts. We have the expertise, the training, the experience, and the software to yield breakthrough results for your business.