What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
  • Artificial Intelligence is human-like intelligence displayed by machines (computers) … machines demonstrating a capacity to learn without being explicitly programmed (aka Machine Learning or Deep Learning).
  • AI is a powerful diagnostic tool … discovering waste patterns in Big Data much in the same way an MRI detects cancer
  • AI eliminates waste not possible with Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) methods and tools alone. AI is “CPI agnostic”, working effectively within both Lean Six Sigma (LSS) and Theory of Constraints (TOC) environments
  • AI employs Neural Networks and the power of Deep Learning and real time data to spur improvements of existing processes as well as the invention of new improvement tools such as AI Pull Systems, Generic Setup Reduction, etc.
Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) right for my business?
  • AI thrives in environments that are rich in data (often times archived, unused data) and can be highly effective where CPI/LSS methods and tools are already in place.
  • Big Data is the fuel for real time analyses using AI … analyses not possible with traditional CPI statistical tools yielding hidden insights into the highest value improvement opportunities
  • When combined with Big Data, AI can be used to attack opportunities affecting processes, practices, equipment, and people … minimizing cycle time and waste, maximizing mission success, and optimizing acquisition and life cycle costs
  • AI equips manufacturing, supply chain and logistics leaders with a most formidable weapon for achieving greater production capacity and throughput, on-time delivery and profitability with no increase in manpower or capital investment, thereby increasing return on invested capital (ROIC).
  • AI turbocharges an organization’s capacity to analyze massive amounts of data quickly (not possible in the past). AI is the next step in the evolution of any organization’s CPI journey beyond, but built on a foundation of LSS … providing new insights and refreshing project portfolios for ongoing CPI efforts
Why partner with AI Technologies (AIT)?
  • AI Technologies has “cracked the code”, for the first time, on maximizing the profit and minimizing cycle time in Manufacturing … employing AI to dynamically re-sequence work-in-process (WIP) and dramatically improve throughput
  • AI Technologies “walks the talk” and has proven results can be achieved in Product Development, Project Management, and Manufacturing:
    • Cycle time reduced by >30%
    • EBITDA and/or operating profits improved to >25% of sales
    • Production capacity increased by >20% with no increase in manpower or capital equipment
    • On-time delivery-to-promise date to >95% with no increase in inventory
    • The model for competitively functioning organizations in the 21st century includes AI built on a foundation of Lean Six Sigma … resulting in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
    • Right parts + right place + right time + right cost = Process Velocity and Organizational Agility